There are certain events in our lives that allow us to feel something that is truly mystical. When two people stand before their family and friends, look deeply into each other’s eyes, and then speak those special words, I believe that it creates a transcendent experience. 

My role is simply to help create that space in which everyone present can set aside the clutter that is our lives and just be; 

  • be with the bride and groom; 
  • be with each other as they join together to support the new couple; 
  • be with their inner selves as they experience the joy that this ceremony creates.

The labels that we attach to these feelings are not as important as is our willingness to open our hearts and minds so that we might experience its power. Call it the spirit, call it pneuma, call it ruach, call it whatever you like; its relevance doesn’t come from the words. Rather, it arises from our hearts as we hear those three words that announce the union of two souls:

“By the power…."

© Dr. Max Goelling 2020